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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Taking a deep breath

After being on a blog tour and doing the Power Point for our book signing at Barnes & Noble in addition to many other things like a full time job, I am taking a deep breath and try to enjoy this moment. No, I did not stop working. I continue my knitting, of course. I am just taking a deep breath. There is so much to see when I am looking back at the year behind me. I am very thankful for everything that happened. And now I am looking forward and try to relax.
I had the time to finish my latest small pattern, the Neck Dresser. I took the picture of Monique wearing it and here she is.
On the background is the needlepoint that my mom made when I was little.

My original Neck dresser was this one.

I am also working on a design that will be published in Kara Gott Warner's book. I am more than half done. So, no rush there.
I do not think I mentioned that Claudia's Hand Painted Yarns is going to have patterns published on their website. I love her yarns. During this summer I made something for her. I think it will be published soon.
Tomorrow I am going to San Francisco. There is one thing that is different from my normal trip there. I am going by myself. You do not get it? I am driving..., so I cannot knit in the car!! That is 3 hours of no knitting. I hope I survive this.

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