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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Day 6: Brioche talk

Dawn and I stopped by this morning at Marie Grace Smith of Marie Grace Designs.
The more you look around her blog, the more lovely and gentle designs pop out. I also adore her kids (her wonderful models:)). I can see where her inspiration comes from... Her patterns can be purchased online and she has all kinds of useful things there. Here is one- a tutorial on blocking with photos and explanations. Dawn and I had a wonderful time with Marie Grace and we want to say thank you, Marie Grace for your hospitality.
What did we talk about? There was some conversation about our design process and we got into one of my favorite topics: brioche stitches. I love brioche family of stitches and love to have an excuse for telling someone about them. You might enjoy to hear about these unique stitch patterns this time on the Marie Grace's blog. I have more to say about them, so stay tuned. There will be more.

I will talk to you tomorrow. We have a different and exciting day on the Susan Lawrence's blog.
You might remember about the contest she did? Well, tomorrow she is giving away the copy of our book. Who gets it? I cannot wait to find out.

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