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Friday, September 12, 2008

Day 9: We are in beautiful Finland with Tikru

Have you ever been to Finland? This is my first time (and it is a virtual one for now). I am talking with an amazing designer Tikru of Made By Myself.
Two of her designs were published in the last issue of Vogue Knitting. She gave us a tour of Finland first. It made me wanting to go there even more. What a beautiful country! I lived in Russia before, so we were practically neighbors :), but I did not have chance to travel at that time. Now, I live in America and love to travel. There is so much to see. Scandinavia is on the top of my list for the next trip to Europe. Tikru lives so far away from us, that she did not have a chance to see our book yet. Her interview with me was directed to getting to know about the book. She asked me questions like:"Tell me why your book is different from other books and why would I be interested to buy it?" We had a good chat. I hope I convinced her that our book is worth having in a knitter's library. I would love to continue our conversation. I see that Tikru is a wonderful knitter. I bet she has some different techniques under her belt. I am always learning.
Tikru's website is telling about her artistic talents. It is beautiful. You can see many of her patterns there. Some are free, some are for sale. I am looking forward to many more of her designs in the near future.
Tomorrow Dawn is talking to Terry Ross of Terry Ross Designs about her felting projects in the book. It will be very interesting.

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