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Monday, September 8, 2008

Day 5: Visiting at PhysicsKnits

My apologies for the late post. I am busy visiting with the amazing Connie Chang Chinchio of Physicsknits. If you for some reason do not remember her name, I assure you that you know her designs. Remember her Riding to Avalon hoodie from the last Knitscene? This is just one of her many beautiful designs you see everywhere you turn.
Connie was asking me about two of my designs in the book Vintage Hat and the Funnel-Neck Top. I do not want to repeat my answers here, so please read it on Connie's blog. We also talked about how Dawn and I worked together on this book. How did we manage the whole process and who did what. It is so interesting for me to go back in time and see what we did as almost an outsider. As you work on something, you are not evaluating the way you do it. You just do it. As I said before, when you start working with a person for the first time, you do not know what to expect . It was our first project together of such volume. Well, to our huge satisfaction, it turned out to be a wonderful thing that we both enjoyed.
You can read more on Physicsknits. I wanted to hear all about Connie's plans and I asked her some questions as well. She is a very productive designer with a great imagination and taste that is combined with the perfect knitting skills. Thank you, Connie, for having me over. It was wonderful.
Tomorrow is another stop on a blog tour. It will be with Marie Grace Smith of MarieGraceDesigns. Do not miss it.
One more thing. I just made a video on a Decorative Cast-On that you can follow as you cast-on for the Vintage Hat. Give me some feed back, please. Oh, it is on the right side on my blog. You will find it.
Talk to you tomorrow.

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