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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Day 4: Skirts part II with Amy Polcyn

I am delighted to visit with Amy Polcyn of Frottez today. We are continuing the conversation about knitted skirts that we started with Cindy Moore yesterday. It seems that a skirt is one of the types of knitted projects that was not popular for a while and is making a come back. At the same time many people do have a fear of wearing a knitted skirt. There is a myth that you must have a perfect figure for that. In reality, practically everyone can do it. Like any part of your wardrobe, skirts must flatter your particular figure. Take a good look in the mirror at YOU and try to analyze what length is making the best fit for your body. Do you look best in a skirt that is a loose fit or a close fit? Do you look best in a straight skirt or in an A-shaped skirt? Once you learn what is the best for you, you will know what to look for. I will not repeat myself on the other points of our conversation with Amy. Please go to her blog to read it.
While you are there reading the interview, look around. You will see that Amy lives in Michigan and designs for yarn companies, magazines, books, and has her patterns for sale. Her designs are lovely. Some of them are for knitting, some for felting, some for crocheting. I noticed that she did a design for Knitting in The Sun by Kristi Porter. Both Dawn and I also have our designs there. So, we meet again:)
Amy Polcyn is someone to watch. She will delight us with many interesting designs in the future.
I want to thank Amy for hosting me today and invite all of you for the next stop tomorrow at Connie Chang of Physicsknits

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