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Friday, September 5, 2008

Day 2: Visit with Carol Sulcoski

Today we are chatting with Carol Sulcoski of Go Knit In Your Hat. Maybe you remember Carol from my June 4th post when I was part of her blog tour for Knit So Fine. Carol is talking to Dawn and me about Watercolor Shawl, Lacy scarf, and some men's garments. Go there to read our stories about these projects.
Carol is always working on something . I asked her: "Is there something new written by you that we have to be on a look out?" Here is her answer:" The Knitting Socks With Handpainted Yarns will be out in December. It's a compilation of over 20 patterns specifically designed to work with handpainted yarns and giving the knitter some ideas of how to handle pooling, striping and some of the other common effects one sees with handpaints. A lot of terrific designers contributed, including Ann Budd, Priscilla Gibson-Roberts, Nancy Bush, and also some newer names with some creative designs." I am so glad I asked her this question. It looks like a terrific book. I will be looking forward to it.

Well, I better go and prepare for the next interview with Cindy Moore of Fitterknitter. We will be talking about skirts. Interested? We will see you at Cindy's.

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