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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Day 14: Visiting with Kristi Porter

We are talking with Kristi Porter of the Domestic Sphere today. Kristi wanted to hear from both Dawn and me about our collaboration on the book. What roles did we play? How did we influenced each other? There were many other questions along the way. I thought Kristi's questions were very insightful. I would think it is because Kristi Porter is a designer and the author herself. Many of Kristi's designs are published by You also can see her designs in her books. Kristi has a few such as Knitting for Dogs and Knitting Patterns for Dummies. She contributed her patterns for other publications such as More Big Girl Knits and No Sheep For You.
Like Kristi mentioned in her post, she has another book in the works called Knitting In The Sun. Both Dawn and I are privileged to be part of this book. I cannot wait to see the final result.
I want to thank Kristi for being a part of our blog tour. It was great visiting with her.
Our next stop is with Joanne Seiff. I hope you are caught up with us. We are moving fast.

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