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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Day 13: Techniques and finishing

Visiting with Jennifer Tallapaneni of PieKnits is very stimulating. She is full of energy and innovative ideas. Do you know anyone who is making pies? Well, I do not mean baking pies. I mean...knitting them.

That is what Jennifer is doing for fun. When it comes to serious designing she is fabulous. She is published in Interweave Knits, Knitter's Magazine, and she has her own line of patterns called pieKnits. If you are a Raveler, you can find her and see all her designs here. One of Jennifer's designs that was published in IK is Celtic Tote.
I am sure you will find it interesting to brows through her website. Have fun!
Jennifer was curious about some of the techniques we used in the book. I was so happy to talk about this. Dawn and I both are very particular about knitting techniques and finishing. It is our belief that you can knit your garment in a plain Stockinette stitch, but take care of all the techniques and correct finishing, and you got yourself a well-made piece of clothing.
There are more things to say. Maybe after the blog tour is over, I will start posting more on techniques. You can start reading now the beginning of this series at pieKnits.

Our next stop will be at Kristi Porter's The Domestic Sphere. Dawn and I both are going to be there.

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Jen (pieKnits) said...

Thanks Faina! I enjoyed the interview and book. :)