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Monday, September 15, 2008

Day 12: Conversation with Donna Druchunas

Dawn and I are talking with Donna Druchunas of the Sheep to Shawl today. She is the author of many books and a great designer with many adventures in the knitting world. Here are some of her books: Arctic Lace and The Knitted Rug. Donna co-authored her newly published book Skein for Skein with two other authors. I am looking forward to seeing what she came up with there. Donna is very active in her knitting career. She just spent a summer in Lithuania. We already see some of her notes from that period. I am sure it will be more. Just let her settle a little. Since Donna just came back from Europe, she saw in our book some of the designs that are reminding her of people she met there. Some of her questions to us are reflecting that. We are talking about our backgrounds and men's wear. I was so interested to hear what Donna plans to do next. What do you know, she has another book coming soon called Ethnic Knitting Exploration: Lithuania, Iceland, and Ireland. Go read our conversation with Donna and see you tomorrow at Jennifer Tallapaneni of the Pie Knits.

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