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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Day 11: Making the Little Flirt Skirt for a larger size

Ahh, nice and relaxing Sunday morning. Dawn and I are in CA with Liz Moreno. We are talking about some techniques that were used in the book, differences in our knitting styles, men's projects, and how to use our skirt pattern and knit it for a size larger than described in the pattern.
Both the Tailored Skirt and the Little Flirt Skirt can be flattering for many body types. We could write these patterns for 7 and 6 sizes respectively, but there are more sizes in the range. We are talking with Liz how the pattern can be modified for the size you need.
I know Liz for more than four years now. She used to be a part of one of my favorite yarn shops in Menlo Park, CA. Liz always impressed me with the wealth of knowledge in knitting. If you need to know about the yarns, books, patterns, techniques... you name it... go and ask Liz. She is an incredible knitter and a patient teacher. Liz is also a designer. Her patterns are free on her website.
If you look her up in Ravelry, you will see how popular her Sunshine String Bag is. I hope to see more of her designs. She is always up to something. Thank you, Liz for hosting us.

Tomorrow you are coming with us (I hope:) ) to see Donna Druchunas. I am sure you know about Donna's work.

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