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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Win a book by asking good questions

Casual, Elegant Knits blog tour is in the planning stage. Keep in touch for updates and information. It will start on Sept 4th. It is going to be a treat. We have 16 very talented people who are graciously open their doors on their blogs for us during the tour. There are many different approaches to the tour. Here is one. Susan Lawrence makes an offer for you to win this book if... go here to see what you need to do.
Meanwhile, my school is starting next Monday (I teach math at a community college) and this week is very tough. Meetings, meetings, meetings. Paperwork. Catching up on e-mails after my trip. Meetings, meetings. Polishing some patterns that have a close deadline. Meetings. Finishing second project for Knitscene magazine. Well, you get the drift...

I am sorry, no pictures of my projects for Knitscene are allowed. I only can say that the first one is a hat (I think it is very cute) and the second one is a short-sleeved hoodie. I cannot wait until I finish this one. It is looking good to my taste so far.

Dawn had her Zig-Zag hat in the last issue of IK. It is so adorable! You have to check this one out. I am so proud of her.

Oh, and my husband has his birthday today. If you ask what I am doing to celebrate his b-d, I have to say: "I work all day until 9 pm today" :(( Isn't it awful? Well, C'est la vie.

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