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Thursday, August 14, 2008

So lucky

If you ever were in VA and Nashville TN, you know what their summer looks like . Hot and humid. Since I teach and can travel ONLY during my breaks from school, I always end up in VA in July or August to visit my family. I was dreading to go this time. And... we had a wonderful weather all throughout our trip. How lucky are we? Right now I am in Nashville. We came here to visit our friend who was diagnosed with cancer last month.
Between visits with the family and friends I managed to get some knitting done, go to lunch with Edie Eckman in Charlottesville. We had a very good time. Edie had her newest book with her. It is a great source of crochet motifs and the information that allows you to use them creatively. It was very nice to get to know her. In Nashville, I also was able to sneak out and meet up with Joanne Seiff for coffee. Joanne is a very interesting person. We talked so much that we did not noticed that it was time for her appointment. Joanne has a book coming soon as well.
I am so glad that everywhere you go you can meet with knitters. They are wonderful people and do understand my passion. It also saved my relatives and friends from listening to my knitting stories.

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Joanne said...

It was wonderful to meet you, too! Thanks for making my trip to the big city more fun. :)