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Friday, August 22, 2008

Last weekend before school starts

I am trying to treasure each minute of this weekend like never before. It helps that my daughter comes home for 24 hours:) to rest a bit from her new job and celebrate her dad's birthday. I am very happy about it. It is nice to have at least one of my kids home. My pile of many projects will have to wait. I am taking a deep breath.

Too bad that many of you either do not read Russian or are not on Ravelry. In our Russian group there we have a wonderful treat. Faina Letouchaia, a famous designer and a very knowledgeable spinner, is posting about the fiber and the process of spinning from scratch. It is most interesting and we all hope that she is going to write a book in English, of course, on this topic. I had no idea that it is so much to learn there. One of the ladies in the group jokingly said:"And I always thought that the yarn comes from the ball!" Thank you, Faina very much!! is a great place for knitters with so much information that I am not even going to try to describe it. Dawn and I put 7 of our projects from the book there and people can put a project in their favorites. That gives a pink heart to a project. Each one of our designs are "loved". Little Flirt Skirt has 107 hearts at this point!! It feels good after all this work, that people enjoy looking at it and maybe making it eventually. Red beret is already made by one person. I hope to see many more.

My knitting circle is starting next Wednesday. We took a break for a few weeks and now we are going to meet every Wednesday again. I cannot wait to see all of my knitting friends.
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Unknown said...

I am also looking forward to meeting again! I have really missed seeing everyone and their fun projects.