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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Coming soon: Casual, Elegant Knits Blog Tour.

I hope you will not miss this opportunity to get on a Blog Tour for our new book "Casual, Elegant Knits". The book was released by Martingale & Co. in July and Dawn and I are having much fun with all the things happening around it. We would like nothing more than you sharing with us our excitement.
What should you expect on the tour? Well, let me tell you. We approached 16 incredibly talented designers with different design styles and interests and asked them to open their doors on their own blog for us for a day. We were overwhelmed with their responses. We want to say thank you to all of them.
As you go from day to day to a different blog, you will find out many things about us: our design approach, our inspirations, our goals for the designs in the book, our collaboration with each other, our knitting techniques and their applications, and many more. We will be asked questions by the designers and also by knitters. You will be able to communicate with us in the comments on each visited blog or directly on my or Dawn's blog. We promise to keep in touch with you.

In your travels with us do not forget that you are visiting a blog of a wonderful designer, whose designs are published in books and magazines. Check out what do they have in the plans and feel free to peek on their previous posts. You will have a privilege to visit their virtual studios. I guarantee you will put their blogs on the list of your favorites.

So, without further ado, I give you our tour schedule.

Sept 4th: Lynn Hershberger

Sept 5th: Carol Sulcoski

Sept 6th: Cindy Moore

Sept 7th: Amy Polcyn

Sept 8th: Connie Chang

Sept 9th: Marie Grace Smith

Sept 10th: Susan Lawrence

Sept 11th: Marnie MacLean

Sept 12th: Tikru

Sept 13th: Terry Ross

Sept 14th: Liz Moreno

Sept 15th: Donna Druchunas

Sept 16th: Jennifer Tallapaneni

Sept 17th: Kristi Porter

Sept 18th: Joanne Seiff

Sept 19th: Simona Merchant-Dest

I will keep you posted on what is going on. Keep in touch.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Last weekend before school starts

I am trying to treasure each minute of this weekend like never before. It helps that my daughter comes home for 24 hours:) to rest a bit from her new job and celebrate her dad's birthday. I am very happy about it. It is nice to have at least one of my kids home. My pile of many projects will have to wait. I am taking a deep breath.

Too bad that many of you either do not read Russian or are not on Ravelry. In our Russian group there we have a wonderful treat. Faina Letouchaia, a famous designer and a very knowledgeable spinner, is posting about the fiber and the process of spinning from scratch. It is most interesting and we all hope that she is going to write a book in English, of course, on this topic. I had no idea that it is so much to learn there. One of the ladies in the group jokingly said:"And I always thought that the yarn comes from the ball!" Thank you, Faina very much!! is a great place for knitters with so much information that I am not even going to try to describe it. Dawn and I put 7 of our projects from the book there and people can put a project in their favorites. That gives a pink heart to a project. Each one of our designs are "loved". Little Flirt Skirt has 107 hearts at this point!! It feels good after all this work, that people enjoy looking at it and maybe making it eventually. Red beret is already made by one person. I hope to see many more.

My knitting circle is starting next Wednesday. We took a break for a few weeks and now we are going to meet every Wednesday again. I cannot wait to see all of my knitting friends.
Back to the rest thought...

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Win a book by asking good questions

Casual, Elegant Knits blog tour is in the planning stage. Keep in touch for updates and information. It will start on Sept 4th. It is going to be a treat. We have 16 very talented people who are graciously open their doors on their blogs for us during the tour. There are many different approaches to the tour. Here is one. Susan Lawrence makes an offer for you to win this book if... go here to see what you need to do.
Meanwhile, my school is starting next Monday (I teach math at a community college) and this week is very tough. Meetings, meetings, meetings. Paperwork. Catching up on e-mails after my trip. Meetings, meetings. Polishing some patterns that have a close deadline. Meetings. Finishing second project for Knitscene magazine. Well, you get the drift...

I am sorry, no pictures of my projects for Knitscene are allowed. I only can say that the first one is a hat (I think it is very cute) and the second one is a short-sleeved hoodie. I cannot wait until I finish this one. It is looking good to my taste so far.

Dawn had her Zig-Zag hat in the last issue of IK. It is so adorable! You have to check this one out. I am so proud of her.

Oh, and my husband has his birthday today. If you ask what I am doing to celebrate his b-d, I have to say: "I work all day until 9 pm today" :(( Isn't it awful? Well, C'est la vie.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

So lucky

If you ever were in VA and Nashville TN, you know what their summer looks like . Hot and humid. Since I teach and can travel ONLY during my breaks from school, I always end up in VA in July or August to visit my family. I was dreading to go this time. And... we had a wonderful weather all throughout our trip. How lucky are we? Right now I am in Nashville. We came here to visit our friend who was diagnosed with cancer last month.
Between visits with the family and friends I managed to get some knitting done, go to lunch with Edie Eckman in Charlottesville. We had a very good time. Edie had her newest book with her. It is a great source of crochet motifs and the information that allows you to use them creatively. It was very nice to get to know her. In Nashville, I also was able to sneak out and meet up with Joanne Seiff for coffee. Joanne is a very interesting person. We talked so much that we did not noticed that it was time for her appointment. Joanne has a book coming soon as well.
I am so glad that everywhere you go you can meet with knitters. They are wonderful people and do understand my passion. It also saved my relatives and friends from listening to my knitting stories.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Off to VA

I am leaving today to VA and Nashville. I need to rest before school starts. Changing the scenery is always good and relaxing. I do not know about dealing with Delta new requirements on luggage... I am not a light packer, if you know what I mean. Besides my clothes, I am taking all the scarves and hats from our book. It should be interesting.
I will report from my trip. Need to pack.