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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Should I pinch myself?

I have this weird feeling that I am dreaming. If I pinch myself, I might see a completely different scene from my life. How could it be true that so many people came to our book-signing party and actually wanted us to sign the book? Whatever it is, I tell you, it felt great. So many people came to support us and celebrate with us the launch of the book.

I told you it was a party...Here we are at the signing table.

Joanne, Dawn and I. I think this is our first official photo together. Joanne is a dear friend, the owner of the HeartStrings Yarn Studio, and also the one who is totally responsible for introducing us to each other.

We did not catch everyone, but this is a small part of my wonderful group of friends and knitting buddies.

I am so grateful that it is not a dream. (I did pinch myself, so I know).

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