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Friday, July 11, 2008

Midsummer Night Knitting

This summer is a bit different for me. I am glad to have all the time devoted to knitting while I am on a break from work. What is different, that I actually have almost no time to knit for myself. That is not good, right? I love designing with all the elements that go into it. I have finished my project for IK about a week ago. It is too bad I cannot show you the photo of it. My very tired daughter (she was moving to her new apartment that week) had to allow her very excited mother to photograph this project on her. Today I finished another design for a book that Kristi Porter is writing. It will be called "Knitting in the Sun". I understand it will be a very interesting book with many projects for (but not only) a warmer climate.
I have about a week or two when I can knit for myself. I do not have to think what I should do. As every knitting veteran, I have a line of unfinished projects waiting in my room giving me that certain look: "Really? You do want to continue knitting me? I thought you do not remember that I was started and what needles you were using for me. ..."
I just hope that when I choose one, all others will not be so offended that I cannot get close to them. In my heart I want to finish all of them, but you know...
There are two more designs accepted to Knitscene. I will need to start working on them as soon as I get the yarn. I just got the last issue of Knitscene magazine. There are some interesting things that I want to knit. Here we go again with more started projects. That is my life and it is what I love, so I am not complaining at all.

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