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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Experimenting with styles

I left Monique for just a few minutes with the box of our projects from CEK and, when I came back, she was wearing the Driver's Cap. She does look good in it, but in the book it is a project for a man. She has a point, though. Women can wear this hat as well. Why not? She made me want to make one for myself. Autunno from DiVe has a nice selection of colors. I might do some burgundy shades. Or, I could stay with the brown. I do like how she looks in it. Very chic!
Since Monique was into hats, I pulled out the Vintage Hat and asked her to model it. I explained to her that in the book we suggest three different ways how she can tie it. Well, you know her by now. She came up with the fourth one and said there are more... What can I say.

She is an interesting creature, all right.


Dawn Leeseman said...

Monique is "Tres` Elegant".

debbie said...

Hi Faina, I checked on Monique like you suggested, and she is a star. She shines with style and class no matter what she is wearing. See you next Wed. Take care, Debbie S.