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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Brioche in the round

One of my favorite knitting stitches is called brioche. Europeans know this stitch very well and it is one of the first stitches I have learned at the early age in Russia. When you make a scarf, you want it to look good on both sides. What can be better than brioche, then. It is completely reversible, very attractive, gives you a nice-body fabric that is very soft and light. is just one row repeat. Do you see why I like it? It is interesting for me that I have never got tired of brioche.

In fact, there is a whole family of brioche stitches. They vary in many different ways, but one thing they have in common - the use of yarnovers. In my opinion, they are all beautiful. Some of them have 2, 3, or 4-row repeat. If you are not familiar with this family of stitches, I strongly recommend to check it out.

Our book Casual Elegant Knits is coming to the stores next week. In that book you will find two hats which are done in brioche in the round (very unusual) and two scarves. All four projects are knitted in brioche stitch, but they are all different.

It was fun and not very easy to design these hats, but it is not hard at all to follow the pattern.
Dawn and I both want to encourage you to try these patterns, so you can fall in love with brioche as well.

I just finished another project in a different yet brioche stitch for the Winter 08 issue of Interweave Knits. While I was working on that design, Dawn have found for me the old issue Spring 2005 of IK where Nancy Marchant gave very nice stitch abbreviations for Bi-Color Brioche sweater. Later, I also have found her website, which she started in 2007, called The Brioche Stitch . There she gives much information on brioche.
Well, did I convince you to try this stitch? I hope so.

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