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Friday, June 6, 2008

Week full of surprises and fun

I do not think I am back to normal state yet. It was some week!
On June 4th my blog was visited by 400 people. I am so glad you all came and I hope you enjoyed my talk with Carol. She is a very talented designer and an interesting person. Agree? Knit So Fine is a beautiful and very informative book. No wonder so many people are following the blog tour.

Just a few days before that I got my new MacBook and as you know it takes a very long time to load all the stuff on it and organize and... no kidding, get used to it. But who is complaining. Not me. I love it.

Now, back to June 4th. I went to get some stuff for my computer and Dawn calls me and tells me to go home and get my surprise. I was trying to get out of her what it was, but she did not budge. Oh, well. I went home. There was a note on the door that I need to call to get my delivery. Shortly after I made a call, the delivery man was at my door.

And there it was. People from Martingale and Co have sent me this beautiful bouquet with the thank you note. They have been so wonderful to us all along. Dawn, of course, got hers as well.

Closer to the time I needed to go to our Wednesday knitting circle, Dawn calls again and asks me, if I liked the book. Well, I did not get the book.
Finally, my advance copy of our book Casual, Elegant Knits came. I had to take a picture.

Don't they look lovely together?

Here, take a quick look inside.

Hopefully, it will be on the shelves on the week of July 21. You can see more then. Dawn and I love the way it came out. Our two years of work (which was very interesting and educational) now materialized in 96 pages of beautiful photographs, charts, diagrams, patterns and more. It is so hard to believe that it is done. If you are going to TNNA, go to Martingale booth. They have this book and some of the garments from it. I wish I could go there and see it. So, do it for me, please.

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