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Monday, May 26, 2008

A Day With Friends And a New Computer

We had a great day yesterday. First half of the day we've spent with our long-time friends talking, eating, and walking in the park. While we were saying good-bye to this couple, another couple of friends were opening our gate. It was so great! Altogether, we had a non-stop conversation for 10 hours. Wow! We did not have this much fun for a long time. We are trying to unwind today. I guess I have to knit more today;)
I just ordered my new computer. I am very happy about it. I always was working on PC either at home or at work. Now I am going to be a Mac person. Whoo! We will see how I like it. Many people (including my daughter) said they love Mac. My only concern is my files for my Math book and the Casual, Elegant Knits. I hope I have nothing to worry about.

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